Month – October 2014

“Why Condition of Government Schools are so miserable ?”

This is bitter truth that, the Reason for miserable condition of Govt school can be attributed to “teaching in Hindi or other regional languages”. Today almost all private schools are providing teaching in English medium. Parents/Guardian knows the importance of English. Even Poor wanted to get their children admitted in English medium school. The Govt […]

Open letter to RBI Governor

Dear Sir, Firstly we are happy and hopeful for your joining as RBI Governor, with the motto to “control the inflation and to provide banking” to each and every individual. Further, as read from newspaper that our new government under Sh Narendra Modi’s leadership, is encouraging the bureaucrats, ministers to provide the ideas for revival […]

Medicine for Tension/Stress for IAS Students

Dear All, In our day to day life we come across lot of tension/stress whether related to office work/Study or family/friends. e.g. Differences with Spouse/Girlfriends/Boyfriends/Office colleague. The solution is whenever you are in tension/stress, go for a walk for 10 minutes thinking about tension/stress. Believe me in just 10 minutes all tension/stress will be disappeared […]

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