SC/HC/Lower Court ( Second King of India ) can only take the India forward

Indian Judiciary System has three level of Judiciary

SUPREME COURT at Highest level
HIGH COURTs at State level
LOWER COURTs at District level

In India there are lots of laws for curbing illegal work but for whom, only for poor people. Every one in whether village level or district level knows that in every state there are criminals. In the time of recession, where jobs are shrinking for educated person. But there is always job opportunity in criminal and illegal works as we can see the increasing cases in India.

As every body knows our judicial system where cases are always pending for long years these attract the criminals to do more the criminal activities. As they know, first no one in India wants to be a witness of crime as it increases life time mental pressure to him and his family due to long procedure in Judiciary. Secondly if any case is filed against them they know nothing will happen because judicial procedure is very slow in India. That is why no fear to land mafia, water mafia, mining mafia, Murderer, Rapists, Thieves, Corrupt people, people involved in riots & hate speeches. People/Victims are bound to accept the things they avoid going to court.

In India there is two King as per the Constitution One Public through their MPs/MLAs. Second one is Judiciary. MLAs/MPs make laws for maintenance of law and order and for curbing criminal activities. This is the work of Judiciary to timely redress the cases.

Jan Lokpal bill is nothing but will increase one more law in India. Because if any person is given any sentence by Lokpal . He will have right to appeal to the High Courts and Supreme courts where again delay in cases.

Jab tak criminals ko fear nahi hoga tab tak corruption/criminal activities ruk nahi sakti (Unless the criminals has fear, crime cannot be controlled). Every political parties is saying we will do this and that but they can make only laws. It is upto judiciary (Second King) who has to timely settle the cases. So Judicial system needs to be strengthened.

Every court in India says we have staff problem. There are no recruitment by Govt.

Recently everybody is taking about “judicial activism” where SC has taken lots of decision against the Central Govt. Can’t SC take decision on its own how to settle 3 crores pending cases in India. Justice delayed is Justice Denied. Where is the Human rights commission ? 3 crores people are waiting for justice.

There are lots of Govt. Agency in India for maintenance of Law and order like Anti-corruption bureau, Central vigilance commission, Central Bureau of investigation, Anti terrorist squad, Police personnel etc. Young and Dynamic person are recruited in these agencies. They do their duty honestly but again the same situation. Cases goes long pending. Criminals get bail and get the officer transferred with the support of some politicians which makes them frustrated. They also feel they cannot change the system alone. Only Judiciary by timely redressal of case can have their motivation high.

So it is the SC/HC/Lower Court ( Second King of India ) who can only take the India forward by timely redressal of cases leading to fear in the mind of each and every criminals.

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Updated: October 16, 2014 — 8:04 PM

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