“Why Condition of Government Schools are so miserable ?”

This is bitter truth that, the Reason for miserable condition of Govt school can be attributed to “teaching in Hindi or other regional languages”. Today almost all private schools are providing teaching in English medium. Parents/Guardian knows the importance of English. Even Poor wanted to get their children admitted in English medium school. The Govt schools having English as their teaching medium earn even higher ranks in India. Situation is worse for Hindi or Regional language schools.

Benefits of English medium education :-

After 12th, higher studies like Engineering, Medical, and Management are provided in English.

Due to globalization, educated person means “who can speak English”. Even if you see the interview marks of IAS toppers you will get larger differences between Hindi and English medium students.

Today Govt Jobs are shrinking, mainly private sector is providing jobs.
There are lot of good job opportunities for English medium students. Problem is with the Hindi medium students, who just spent their time in English speaking courses or watching English movies to improve their English.

I want to give you a small example of my friend who has completed his M.Com in Hindi from Meerut. He came to Delhi in search of Job but could not get a good job. He joined a CA firm at 1000/- P.M. and after 6 years reached at around 12000/-pm after changing lot of jobs. My another friend who is from Delhi who has completed his B.Com from Delhi in English medium. He has lot of jobs in hand and getting around 15000/- in his first year of job.

Now internet is available everywhere in India even in villages. But good quality of material is available in English only. Hindi medium students cannot make best use of Internet, but just refer to Dictionary again and again.

Today every private school wants to get recognition from CBSE, if it fails then they apply State Education Board. Guardian also first want to get their children enrolled in CBSE based English medium school when fails then apply in state board English medium school. There are lots of reasons for that:

After 12th, Questions in all competition like Engineering, Medical, LLB, even IAS, are NCERT based. Students are asked by coaching centre to read NCERT 6-12th. Students who have done their schooling from CBSE get benefitted. Even if Hindi medium student get selected for engineering, Medical or professional courses, he struggles a lot in English in GD/PI in campus placement.

Can you please tell me any student who has done his study in English medium and remains unemployed?, Rarely! Educated unemployed in India are only those students who have done their study in Hindi or Regional languages.

Today childrens of MPs, MLAs, Govt officials almost all are studying in English medium school. All high positions in Govt as well as private sector are occupied mainly by those who have done their study through English medium.

Just tell me one thing; whether those who study English medium don’t know Hindi or regional language? They know very well because that is their mother tongue for which no study is required.

If we want to improve the level of education in India then All Govt School should provide education in Hindi and other regional languages upto class 5th and thereafter in English medium only. We can’t imagine students enrollment rate will increase automatically and Govt Schools will come at par with Pvt schools.

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Updated: October 16, 2014 — 8:03 PM

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