UPSC Prelims Economy

UPSC Prelims Economy

Watch Free-All Lectures of Prelims 2023 Economy on Youtube (Complete Economy in Just 8 Hours)

Note– These are Basic Economy Lectures made for Prelims 2022 Exam but also useful for Prelims 2023 Exam as Basics remain the same. For Crux Prelims 2023 Book, Updates and Economy Personal Guidance till Prelims 2023 Exam by CA Atul Mittal– Join Crux at Rs. 499/- Download App:- 20% Discount to First 50 Students […]

Prelims 2023- New edition of Crux of Indian Economy Book

Join Crux at Rs. 499/- Only Benefits:– • Crux of Indian Economy Book For UPSC/IAS Prelims 2023 exam • Monthly Economy Updates till UPSC Prelims 2023 Exam • Get Personal Guidance and resolve Economy related queries till Prelims 2023 exam by CA Atul Mittal Download Our App:- 20% Discount to First 50 Students Any […]

UPSC Prelims 2022 Exam- 14 Economy questions came from Crux of Indian Economy Book (May 2022 Edition) and Students Review of Crux book after Prelims 2022 Exam

May 2022 Edition is freely available at our App Download App:- Q.1 With reference to the Indian economy, consider the following statements: An increase in Nominal Effective Exchange Rate (NEER) indicates the appreciation of rupee. An increase in the Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) indicates an improvement in trade competitiveness. An increasing trend in […]

2020 UPSC Prelims- 16 Economy Questions which could be easily solved by reading Crux of Indian Economy Book

Direct Question from Crux “July 2020 Edition” Q.1 Expansionist Monetary Policy Q.2 FDI Q.3 Reserve Tranche in IMF Q.4 Macro Economic Framework Statement Q.5 CPI and WPI Q.6 G20 Members Q.7 Commercial Paper, Call money, Certificate of Deposits Q.8 Current Account Deficit Q.9 Withdraw cash from Bank and impact on money supply Direct Question from […]

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